Day One Complete!

Day One Complete!

Day one done! And it was a success! I admit I teared up a bit at the end because I was relieved that we made it through, but I am also amazed at the journey we have started.
We’ve been working for a long time to get to this moment. Years were spent trying to figure out how we could afford it. We knew it was something we wanted to do, had maybe even been called to do, but we let our worries keep us from taking the steps necessary to make it happen.God worked all of that out in the end. Our hand was forced and, while some around us fretted for us, we saw it as the answer to years of prayers. God had made that first step for us and now we had to trust in his providence.
Then came the ridiculous amount of hours spent researching learning styles/teaching styles/curriculum (I have an obsessive personality). And then came all of the self-doubt and worry as I was trying to plan lessons for the first week (and years beyond – again,obsessive personality). What if I messed up? Would I be ruining his future? Would I doom my child if I made a mistake?
Finally I forced myself to take a deep breath, calm down, and focus on God. He has arranged this moment for us, He made it possible. He led me to the resources I needed, placed the questions that needed to be asked in my heart, and then He gave me the answers. The process has been nerve-wracking and stressful but fulfilling at the same time. And today was amazing. When we finished the last subject he looked up at me with a smile and said “Te amo”.
“ Amo te quoque, ” my little man.


2 thoughts on “Day One Complete!

  1. Congratulations to you both. This September I will begin my first year homeschooling my girls. I also felt a calling and God walked with me to take the steps so my husband and I can do this. I will never have another opportunity to teach my children so why should I allow someone other than their father and I to educate them? I too feel scared and unsure, but when I read blogs like this and from other parents I am more sure I am doing the right thing for my kids. Keep up the good work. “See” you next time.

  2. I can honestly say this is what I’m supposed to be doing. My son and I have the relationship we do because this was meant to happen. He can drive me crazy but I love the time I get to spend with him and I’m really looking forward to getting to watch him learn and grow and mature this way instead of sending him to school every day and then realizing he is a different person.

    The only advice I would have so far would be to stay open to change. I am more than slightly OCD and I like to plan things out in detail and very far into the future when possible. While I’ve found that it helped me to feel much more secure getting going I have had to remind myself that my plans are not set in stone. Things have gone well once I remembered that.

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