Homeschool at the beach

I am really enjoying homeschooling. The past three weeks have been dizzying, frustrating, and stressful, but also astonishing, humbling, uplifting, and they have brought my son and I closer together. We did “school” at three am in a Waffle House the other day while stopping for a break on the way to the beach. It was such a cool experience! We both loved it. My wife suggested we try to get out of the house for school every once in a while and I’m pretty sure it will become a thing for us now.

I love the questions that I get to answer and the growth that I get to watch happen. My son did Saxon 5/4 in school last year and, while he did well, there were some concepts he struggled with. He was ahead in math, he was a third grader sitting in on a fourth grade class, so he only had access to his math teacher for a short time each day. He wasn’t able to get all of the help he needed.

Because of that, we have been covering some of the same ground as last year but I can see it clicking for him this time. I don’t know if it is the Singapore approach or the fact that I get to spend so much one on one time with him giving him examples and explaining things to him in ways I know he’ll understand (or both). But I love that I get to do this for and with him.

So I just spent the last half hour or so planning next week’s lessons. At the beach. On vacation. And it was time well spent.



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