This is my boy with the book he earned this summer. Barnes and Noble has a summer reading program where kids can earn a free book by reading books. The goal is to read eight books over the summer. I don’t know when it starts every year but you can turn in your completed reader journal from May 21 until Sept 3. We didn’t find out about it until July, which left us about 8 weeks to get it done. My son came into our homeschooling journey hating to read. It was like pulling teeth to get him to read a book. But we decided to try this challenge and I promised that I would read to him some to help him out. The only problem was that he would have to read a book a week to get it done. And I didn’t let him read easy books either. I didn’t require anything like Team of Rivals or Atlas Shrugged, but they were all at least 250 pages, so it was a really big deal for him to get through them. It wasn’t easy when we started but he started enjoying it as we went and he actually finished early! It has been really exciting to watch him progress to the point that he is actually excited about books now. We have started a list for him of books that he wants to read and he has set a goal of forty books for the year. This is the kid that nine weeks ago said he hated reading. The further we get into this journey, the more I love it!


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