Game Night!


Had such a good time last night. I got to hang out with Gabe and play board games at Geeksboro, a local coffee shop. A group called the Greenspielers gets together every Friday night to play and this was our first time going. We played In the Year of the Dragon and Fresco, both euro-games, and both the type of games I haven’t had the opportunity to play yet because of their complexity. Aside from Arkham Horror, none of the games we’ve purchased so far has been that complex. I’ve wanted to give the euro-game genre a try, but I was worried they would be too heavy for the groups we’ve been playing with, so this was a perfect opportunity. I’m so proud of Gabe. He picked them up quickly and played them both until the end. He seemed to really enjoy himself and says he is looking forward to next week, so the night was a success. I love getting to spend time with my son and we both enjoy playing board games together. I’m so glad we found this pastime!


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