Today was a good day…


We had a guest in school today. I really like that we have been able to incorporate our youngest into the routine more and more so we can free up mommy to be able to work. I’m thankful that we seem to be getting more comfortable with this whole homeschool thing. And the oldest told me today that he thinks diagramming sentences is fun. I almost passed out, which made him laugh.

I told him at the beginning of the year that he would be learning it and he complained. Loudly. And often. When We started learning it he would huff when he knew a lesson contained diagramming.

But today, when I told him he would have a few sentences to do, he just said ok. And he sounded almost happy. I asked about the lack of complaining and he said “Yeah, I think it’s fun.” I guess I’m doing something right.


One thought on “Today was a good day…

  1. Of course you’re doing something right! You are doing wonderfully! That has got to be one of the cutest little faces. Ah; I adore babies! It has been far too long since I had a little one running (or crawling) around. Sigh….

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