Changes in the class room and new reading for daddy


This homeschool thing is an ever evolving part of our lives. I keep finding the more I learn the more more questions I have. I am pretty well married to the Classical model of homeschooling. Though I have looked at a lot of other systems (most recently the Robinson curriculum), none of them resonate with me the way Classical does.

So I seem to find myself perpetually reading about differing methods and using the new information to tweak how we do homeschool. I am fairly well versed in the “Neoclassical” way of doing things, having scanned the Bluedorn’s Teaching the Trivium and having seemingly worn out my copy of The Well Trained Mind. But the phrase “Traditional Classical” intrigued me.

In an effort to see what makes this different than the the more modern adaptations, I found these two books: “The Latin Centered Curriculum” and the book it was based on “Climbing Parnassus”. It will be interesting to see what makes this form of “Classical” different from Wise and Bauer’s. I hope there is much more to it than “teach your kids Latin and Greek” because that is already the plan for us.

I am already a firm believer in the advantages of learning the Classical languages, the command it gives you over English. We are doing Latin now and actually purchased materials for Greek at the same time; though Greek, seemingly being the more difficult of the two, was simply put on hold until we got comfortable with Latin. Trying to start two new languages simultaneously seemed like too much.

The history book is the text Veritas Press recommends to go along with its Omnibus series. Omnibus is a few years away but I wanted to read it before then, probably a couple of times, so I know the information inside and out before I present it. Also, I found it for a really good price, so I just decided to go ahead and make the purchase. Ironically, at the same time, I made up my mind to add supplement units on Greece and Rome to our current history study, so the book came in handy.

We are presently using Mystery of History and, while we really enjoy all of the Biblical history, I am a little worried at how it seems to gloss over non-biblical history, Greece and Rome in particular. So we have adjusted our schedule to include a separate study on those two civilizations. We are still doing history three days a week but we now only do MoH Mondays and Wednesdays and we use Friday for the Greeks. We will do the Romans after Christmas trying to move along in the studies with the MoH timeline.

We are probably going to end up using Story of the World and the Kingfisher History encyclopedia to cover the material I want to add but, since I had Western Civilization, we went ahead and started working through it. He said he enjoyed it but it is a college level text book…. I did my best to present the information so he could understand it, rephrasing difficult sections and defining advanced words. It seemed to work, and I am open to using either source, or all of them, so we will see where we are led. Either way it has been amazing to watch God orchestrate these moments so we have just what we need just when we need it.

We also rearranged our “classroom”. We decided to try to put our space to better use and I think it worked out really well. Here is how it looks:


Looking at my side of our work area.


Gabe’s “reading chair”.


Bookcase one with our history timeline.


Gabe’s side of our area with our new bookcase. We are really enjoying the new setup! Also, I’m noticing my iPhone takes horrible low light photos.


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