35 Reasons to OUTLAW Homeschooling!

Awesome post from Blue Manor Education. Check out the rest here:


I compiled this list to help the “ban-homeschooling” fanatics come up with some better arguments to make their case.

Homeschooling should be outlawed…

1.  Because, nothing motivates children to learn like a standardized test!

2.  Because, if we just spend a little bit more money, public school is bound to work.

3.  Because, ignorance is bliss!

4.  Because, we’ll never have a level playing field, as long as homeschoolers keep over-achieving!

5.  Because, bullies build character!

6.  Because, homeschoolers aren’t social; they have little interest in sex, drugs and alcohol.

7.  Because, who will authorize bathroom visits?

8.  Because, learning to sit down, shut-up and follow instructions is essential in any democratic society.

9.  Because, sure George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and Abraham Lincoln were homeschooled, but just look at Clinton, Bush and Obama!  They all went to school!

10.  Because, if students didn’t spend all their time sitting in classes, practicing sports and studying homework, their non-union parents might impact their lives in an unauthorized way.


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