An update from HSLDA

Dear HSLDA Members and Friends,

Your calls made a difference! Today Senator Capri Cafaro sent a letter to Senate President Keith Faber requesting that all action on SB 248 be suspended. She has committed to withdrawing the bill officially when the Senate comes back into session next month.

Thanks to all of you who responded to our call to defend homeschooling freedom. HSLDA recognizes the important work of Christian Home Educators of Ohio especially in helping to protect homeschooling in Ohio from this dangerous legislation.

We thank Senator Cafaro for her prompt action in realizing that SB 248 did not achieve what she said was her primary objective—to protect children from abuse. Homeschooling is not abuse and homeschooling parents should not be assumed to be abusers. I encourage you to read her statements and letters which we have posted here. Senator Cafaro has promised that in her future legislative efforts to improve child protection laws in Ohio she will make sure home education is protected. HSLDA will continue monitoring SB 248 until it is withdrawn officially.

SB 248 shows how even well intended legislators, as Senator Cafaro appears to be, can adversely affect our freedom with misguided legislation. Working together, homeschoolers can be a force for freedom in Ohio, our nation and around the world. If you are not a member of HSLDA and CHEO—I hope this experience shows you why you should be.

If it were not for organizations like HSLDA and CHEO—SB 248 would have moved forward as a significant threat to homeschooling freedom. If you are not a member of HSLDA will you join us today? You can also support CHEO by going to

May I also ask that you keep the Foltz-Tedesco family in your thoughts and prayers during this Christmas season? Teddy’s death was a terrible tragedy and our resistance to this law is in no way intended to diminish the terrible tragedy his family experienced. HSLDA condemns child abuse and we are willing to work with anyone who is serious about crafting legislation to protect children from abuse.

Thank you again for your tremendous support. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Very truly yours,

Michael P. Donnelly, Esq.
Your HSLDA Staff Attorney

P.S. We greatly value you and your support—it is a privilege to serve you! If you or someone you know is not a member of HSLDA, will you consider taking a moment today to join or recommend us? Your support enables us to defend individual families threatened by government officials and protect homeschooling freedom for all. Join now >>


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