Do ‘Atheists’ Actually Not Exist? Scientists Say All People Innately Believe in God

Well this is interesting…

Last week, Nury Vittachi published a story entitledScientists Discover That Atheists Might Not Exist, And That’s Not a Joke. In the article, Vittachi cites the works of several researchers, such as Graham Lawton and Pascal Boyer, who argue that belief in God is naturally ingrained into every person.

“Cognitive scientists are becoming increasingly aware that a metaphysical outlook may be so deeply ingrained in human thought processes that it cannot be expunged,” Vittachi writes.

“Of course these findings do not prove that it is impossible to stop believing in God,” Vittachi notes. “What they do indicate, quite powerfully, is that we may be fooling ourselves if we think that we are making the key decisions about what we believe, and if we think we know how deeply our views pervade our consciousnesses.”

Even self-described “atheists,” Vittachi explains, are unable to easily separate themselves from beliefs in the supernatural.

“The difference between the atheist and the non-atheist viewpoint is much smaller than probably either side perceives,” he wrote. “Both groups have consciousnesses which create for themselves realities which include very similar tangible and intangible elements. It may simply be that their awareness levels and interpretations of certain surface details differ.”

“We might all be a little more spiritual than we think,” Vittachi concluded.

Read the article here.


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