Common Core Will Double Dropout Rate, Says Carnegie Corporation

So…that’s not a good thing. How has this nugget from a 2013 report not received any press? It seems this omission is another example of proponents’ attempts to whitewash away anything that doesn’t fit their “rainbows and unicorns” Common Core narrative. The post I found does say, “Apparently, Carnegie seeks to focus on the positive.” But, as most of the supporters are being paid, it’s not surprising they choose not to speak when they are confronted with the negative effects of Common Core.

Now on to the relevant section about drop-out rates:

They determined that the six-year dropout rate would double from 15% to 30%. If, as Carnegie projects, the four-year graduation rate drops from 75% to 53%, that would be a blow that Common Core probably couldn’t survive.

And, what about high-poverty urban school systems, where the graduation rates have slowly risen to 65% or so? Surely, their graduation rates would drop even further. Even if they declined by the national average of 30%, the outcry should be deafening. 


Here is a link to the Carnegie paper.

Keep in mind, this amazing admission is on the Scholastic Administrator blog, a company that has been well compensated by the Gates Foundation for shilling for Common Core. Perhaps this is too much for even some paid cheerleaders to overlook?


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