How North Carolina Pushed Back On Common Core

From an article I found at Freedom Works:

The Standards Commission needs to be appointed. The chance of a rebrand is strong. One can be sure that Dr. Atkinson and the Chamber of Commerce are using all their pull to make sure they have as many of their Common Core supporters appointed as possible.

This is why I am calling on citizens across this state to pay close attention to every move this Commission makes – including who is appointed. If we don’t, a rebrand is sure to be the result.


People have been fighting Common Core all over the country, but this is what we are now in danger of. Proponents haven’t given up. Unable to advance their cause on merit, they are now using obfuscation, rebranding the Core while trying to convince the opposition that it has won. Don’t give up! Continue to pay attention and hold your public servants accountable. 


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