The Common Core’s ‘Image Problem’ and Your Bad Boyfriend

Peter Greene has a great article about Common Core up at He does a great job of pointing out some of the problems with the standards in a way that most people can understand. It really is worth a read. Here is an excerpt:

The common core has an “image” problem in the same way that bad boyfriends have “image” problems. The image’s problem is that it can’t stand up to reality.

The crying kids. When your boyfriend makes your kids miserable, that’s a sign that he’s toxic. When your educational reform problem sucks the joy of learning out of children, something is wrong.

The addictions. If bad boyfriend is an alcoholic, you can argue that he’s not the problem—it’s just the alcohol. But the truth is you can’t separate the two. The common core has a bad addiction to high-stakes testing, lesson micro-management, and invalid teacher evaluations. It’s technically true that CCSS and these other reform ideas are separate, but they come as a package.

The lies. If you catch bad boyfriend lying about his job, his age, and his family, all the charm in the world can’t keep you from wondering what else he has lied about. Common-core boosters claimed it was written by teachers, internationally benchmarked, and research based. Turns out none of thatis true. (Pro tip: Telling lies about yourself makes it easier for others to lie about you, which a few anti-Core folks are certainly doing.)


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