Common Core After High School: Reality Check

An interesting series of articles from commoncorediva:

For the first post in this category (Tech Thursdays, as in career tech, not digital tech), we’ll begin to take a look at the arms of Common Core than extend BEYOND 12th grade. Didn’t think it was true? Didn’t know it was possible? Many people, even in the anti Common Core movement believe CCSS is only K-12. However, more and more evidence is surfacing to disprove this. CCSS begins in Pre-K and extends all the way to graduate schools. For the sake of today’s article, however, with one report that will give us a great look into the world of adult education. Adult education encompasses community colleges, proprietary schools (those ‘for profit’ schools), public and private colleges/universities, as well as all those on-line courses. Because this report is for the vocational realm, it appears that community colleges, technical schools are the main connections. However, I didn’t find any evidence that all this was exclusive to community colleges and technical schools. As Thursday is the day I will be using to focus on all of the adult CCSS, there will be plenty of time to explore all these areas.

Follow the link to read the rest.

The second entry is here –

Tech Thursday: Common Core Community College


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