Of Course the Government Should Force Churches to Perform Gay Weddings

More brilliantness from Matt Walsh:

In the liberal view of things, not paying a tax is the same as being given money by the government, because the government automatically owns everyone’s money and any that you keep is a gift from them. Make sense?

This actually sums up the liberal/progressive stance on most everything fairly excellently. The government owns everything. Anything you have is because they allow you to have it. But don’t think that you get to make any real decisions about how you want to use your land/possession/money/liberties. Because, if you use them in a way they don’t like, they will take them away. 

No unauthorized garden for you. Cut it down or they’ll do it for you (also here, here, and here). And who could possibly carry this much cash on them for a legitimate purpose? Must be for drugs, they’ll just have to confiscate it. Good luck getting it back in court. You think you should be able to decide on your own who your private business makes contract with? You must be joking. Do what they say or go to jail. Freedom of speech/religion? Only in these (ever shrinking) appointed areas, and only as long as they decide to tolerate it.

Take ten minutes out of your day and go give the rest of the article a read.


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