Why Common Core Will Fail: ‘Children Are Not Standardized’

Forbes contributor Alice Walton has written a terrific roundup of the anti-Common Core expert consensus. Numerous education researchers and academics have reservations about greater classroom standardization—particularly in the early grades, where excessive testing and homework is most deleterious for kids.

There are of course many experts who dispute the above notions and believe that Common Core is an improvement over what is being offered in many American schools. They may even be right; it’s perfectly possible that Common Core is bad and what it’s replacing is worse. This is the public school system we are talking about, after all.

But why waste tons of time, money, and effort enacting an across-the-board reform that makes kids miserable, relies on deeply unsettled science, has no demonstrable benefit, and deals a death blow to federalism (at least as far as national education policy is concerned)?

More choice, not less, is what will save public education. As Elkin observed, kids don’t come standard.

I really hope Common Core fails, but the people pushing it will be back with a “new program” by a new name soon after. They have been trying for the past century to control public education this way, and they have been winning incrementally! They aren’t going away.


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