Could ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’ be the most DANGEROUS movie of the year?

It seems Glenn Beck went to see the new movie Exodus: Gods and Kings. Here is a video where he shares his thoughts:

Seriously, why would anyone have ever believed that today’s Hollywood would get a spiritual story correct? You could tell from both the trailer for this movie and for Noah that all of the Christianity had been stripped out of the stories. I honestly don’t understand who the studios made these movies for. They want to cash in on the same audience that some recent Christian movies have enjoyed, but they don’t tell authentic Christian stories. They bastardize the stories we love and then expect us to lay down our money on movies that disrespect our faith. How does that make sense at all?


One thought on “Could ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’ be the most DANGEROUS movie of the year?

  1. I have not yet watched either…and for the same reason it took me a century to watch 2012 and the one with Mel Gibson.. the passion of the Christ. In some taunting way I felt it is incorrect to do so, by all means. But of course our higher power desires that We learn, even of the inconsistencies that earthly idols show forth. Knowledge of these things, and understanding the falsification in them, sets its apart from all other humans, bringing us closer to God. As you state , y would they revert holy wisdom into cynical entertainment which is mal interpreted?

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