The Common Core and the Classical Tradition

Dr. Christopher Perrin of Classical Academic Press has written an article about Common Core that is definitely worth taking the time to read. I know there has already been much ink used, both physical and digital, to cover the pitfalls of the Common Core, but Dr. Perrin covers it from a distinctly Classical position. Here is an excerpt:

Traditionally, education is the cultivation and nourishment of a human soul on truth, goodness and beauty by means of the seven liberal arts, such that students realize their humanitas and acquire wisdom, virtue and eloquence. This is almost completely absent from the standards (and their associated goals) of the CC—and so what he have left is program for educational training. We have the parts, not the whole; we have pearls (yes some of the standards are good per se) without a string; we have analysis and numerical data and machine-readable assessments.

Without a vision for seeking after truth, goodness and beauty, this is what is left—efficient training exercises of some sort. You have scholastic anesthesia. Watch the teachers become technicians. Watch the students go to sleep.

Read the rest of the article here.


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