Governor Implies Parents Incapable Of Educating Kids

This is exactly what homeschoolers are going to have to keep fighting against. From RedState:

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper said at a lunch yesterday that individuals can’t educate young people well, if at all, themselves. This will come as a surprise to the thousands of homeschool and school choice families across the state. If you are a homeschool parent, or believe there are educational advantages in pulling your child out from under government’s pervasive bureaucratic control, Hickenlooper’s assertion might offend you.

Despite the success homeschoolers have demonstrated in higher education, many politicians still seem to think parents are incapable of educating their children. HSLDA responded, noting there are “tens of thousands of children in Colorado whose parents educate them quite well at home.” However, this is not a rare opinion, and the fact that people who hold it also hold offices with the power to deny parents their right to educate their own children is very troubling.


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