Overwhelming Joy: Ebenezer Scrooge in Stave Five

This is such a great article, another from The Imaginative Conservative. I know it is another post about A Christmas Carol. I don’t know why I have been so drawn to this story this year, but it has definitely resonated with me. It amazes me how something that you have been familiar with for the greater part of your life can suddenly take on new significance. Scrooge’s transformation has really touched me this year and I have just seen the story in a new light. This, my favorite quote from the article, really gets to heart of it:

The Church and the Feast of the Nativity are not side notes to Dickens’ tale, but rather the underpinning. It is the incarnation of God-made-man that allows for Ebenezer to be redeemed. Ebenezer lives this redemption out for the rest of his days, his immediate joy of being alive and having a second chance is fulfilled in living a life of cheerfulness.

You should definitely take ten minutes and go read the entire thing.


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