MSNBC: Falwell Suing Hustler same as Charlie Hebdo Massacare

What! This is liberal dogmatism at its ridiculous extreme. Let’s take this tragedy and use it as a way to smear something we don’t like (Christianity) by trying to conflate it with the cause of the tragedy (Islamic Extremism) even when the two have nothing in common. Two things about his ridiculous comparison:

1) When Falwell sued Hustler it was because Hustler drew a cartoon of him personally. He was suing them on grounds of libel, not religion. The lawsuit was a private tort against the company, not trying to prevent the cartoon, but trying to determine whether the cartoon was legal under libel laws of the time. It had nothing to do with his religion. This comparison is just idiotic.

2) Seriously, what kind of warped reality are you living in when you try to make a court case the same as taking someone’s life? Falwell didn’t like the way he was portrayed so he sued in court. These Muslim extremists didn’t like the way a prophet was portrayed so they shot and killed twelve people! Totally not the same thing, and should not be mentioned together! I can’t believe he so wants to criticize Christianity he uses this comparison to do it. Completely fallacious and, frankly, immoral.


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