Convention Season is Fast Approaching


So it seems I will be attending the Great Homeschool Convention in Greenville this year! I am looking forward to talks by Andrew Kern, Martin Cothran, Dr. Christopher Perrin, and Laurie Detweiler among others. Going and listening to these talks helped get me pumped up to finish the year strong last year. I hope it does the same this year. I think it will. Actually, I am expecting the year to be even better. Last year was my first time going to a convention so the experience was more exploratory, just trying to figure it all out. This year I have more of a focus. I know much more what I am looking for in the talks and am targeting specific speakers and topics.

Last year I did not find the deals in the exhibitor hall to be that exciting, but I did find that it was very useful to be able to get my hands on materials I was interested in. It is much easier to evaluate things when you can hold them in your hands than trying to look at a few sample pages on the internet. Unfortunately, last year was overwhelming and seeing all of the amazing products out there made me question some of what I was doing. This year I have a plan. I have a list of things I am considering using in the future and will seek those out specifically. Instead of getting overwhelmed by the variety I want to spend real time delving into the few things I am interested in to really get a sense of what they are about and whether they will work for us. So, while last year was exciting and rekindled my passion for homeschooling when I was dragging myself down the homestretch of the year, I am fully expecting this year to be more fruitful.

Do you guys attend conventions? Which ones and what do you get out of it?


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