What’s Coming Next


With the gay marriage debate largely over, this is the next thing on the horizon. This isn’t really about tolerance, or even acceptance. This is about endorsement. You have to endorse the perversion or you are castigated as a bigot.

This fight started like most of them have, as a necessity for safety reasons. The person in question was being bullied in the male facilities and had to have a safe place. A third, neutral facility was offered and sufficed for a time, but, in the end, it just wasn’t enough. Again, this isn’t about tolerance. Activists argued using a third facility made the student feel different and singled out. The student identifies as female so that should be the same as being female. Gender is just a social construct. Who are we to deny this student the free expression of their individuality?

Having redefined marriage, having removed the symbolism of Jesus’ relationship to the church that it was intended to carry, they now move on to gender. We can be whoever, whatever we decide we want to be and completely ignore what God created us to be. Our society is running as fast and as far as they can from God. We need to pray that they will turn and see His light.


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