Crimes of the Educators: Why Education Is More Screwed Up Than You Think

Tom Woods just did an episode about education with Alex Newman, author of Crimes of the Educators: How Utopians Are Using Government Schools to Destroy America’s Children. Here is the episode description:

How bad is American education? Worse than you think. Alex Newman walks us through the crazy math, the crazy reading strategies, the behavioral drugs, and the historical origins of it all.

A link to the episode.

This is truth that most won’t want to hear, but I am glad they went back to Dewey to show the history of how we got here instead of just saying, “Common Core is bad”. I’m also glad they brought UNESCO into the discussion and their goal of having a one world order, global education curriculum. Common Core is just the beginning. World Core is the end. It already exists, there just hasn’t been the big push for adoption, but it is coming.

My biggest fear about education is that the establishment will eventually tire of people opting out of the system and make it illegal for us to do so. The system will not work while there are people educated outside of it to point out its flaws. Total compliance is required. If these trends continue unabated, we will lose our legal right to homeschool.


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