A glimpse of crime in local schools

This must be the “socialization” people are so worried about homeschoolers missing. From a local paper:

“This week brought the last day of school in Guilford County. While that may bring visions of students hugging friends and saying goodbye to teachers and staff, there is another side of our schools. Schools in Greensboro not only saw tests, dances, awards and football games. They also experienced rape, arson, drugs, assaults, fights and overdoses.”

  • “There were rapes reported at Mendenhall, Kiser, Allen, Smith, Aycock, Greensboro Middle College and Grimsley over the past school year.”
  • “Kiser and Allen Middle School reports show two rapes were reported at each during the past school year.”
  • “Over 100 assaults occurred at Greensboro schools and nearly 100 more fights took place as well.”
  • “Some 267 larceny cases were reported along with nearly 40 ‘armed subject’ instances and more than 60 narcotic reports.”
  • “(T)he most criminally active school in Greensboro is Grimsley High School with 245 reports of the school requesting police assistance. Smith High School came in second with 239 requests for police service.”
  • “Jackson Middle School had the highest number of crime among the middle schools with 162 reports of police activity.”

No thanks; we’ll pass.


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