Theme and Variation

This is wonderful. I needed this so. Andrew Kern from Circe Institute:

If we want our schools to flourish we need to order them to, in, and by Christ. Nothing else is a sufficient principle of order. College admissions, for example, can work as a guide if human life can be defined by the act of getting into a good college. But if it isn’t and if that end still guides the curriculum and pedagogy of a school, then it isn’t a big enough principle to enrich much of it. The school may succeed in “worldly” terms, but it will grow strangely dim. 

But if to become like Christ, if to become a variation on that theme, is the goal of the school, if Christ the Incarnate Logos orders the curriculum, pedagogy, goverance, environment, community, and even modes of assessment of the school or home, then something will live that Christless eyes can never see.

I want to appeal to every Christian who educates anybody or who oversees any educational community, please believe in Him and do not fear the world. We cannot afford it any more. If we have not had faith in the green years, how will it arise in the brown? We all need to repent. None of us have fervently and perfectly made Christ the Logos of our school or home. Let us begin now.

Let us who carry His name believe in Him. He is up to the task. He is sufficient.

Let us repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.

Read the whole thing here.


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