On Dodging the Flaming Hailstones

Michelle Bachman has said she thinks God is raising up Trump to be president. I can believe this. I wholeheartedly believe in the sovereignty of God. But I think people fundamentally mistake the role in which Trump would be cast if God is raising him up for His purpose. Instead of Gideon or Ehud, Trump would be the modern day counterpart to the Moabites or Canaanites of Judges.

“Whether we get Trump or Hillary, one thing is certain. We deserve worse than that. We have to take up our problem with God, because He is the one visiting this plague of an election on us. And He is doing so for reasons that are righteous, holy and just. We deserve the rulers we have gotten, are getting, and are going to get. Wicked people get wicked options in their elections. The problem is not the RNC, or the DNC, or whoever else we might want to blame. We have met the enemy, as Pogo said, and he is us.

If the hand of the Lord is upon us, the way out is repentance. We cannot manage our way out. We cannot do a little voting triage. We cannot game the system. What is happening is the judgment of God. And if God is judging a stiff-necked people, as He manifestly is, it is no solution to suggest that we try to dodge the flaming hailstones. The way out is repentance. And I don’t primarily mean repentance at the polling booth. Right repentance will eventually show up at the polls, but I am talking about the country turning back to Jesus Christ through a great reformation and revival. If you want anything else, you are desiring salvation without a Savior.”

This was a response to Wayne Grudem. You can read the entire thing here: https://dougwils.com/s7…/dodging-flaming-hailstones.html

Trump may have a Daniel 4 moment and humble himself before God. But God also uses evil people for His purposes, usually for chastisement and to carry out His judgement, and Trump seems like he more likely fits into the latter than the former. God can do whatever He wills, but my best guess is that, if God has chosen to raise Trump up for His purposes, it will not be as a modern day Moses. My guess is that our nation is standing in line waiting for a modern day Babylon or Assyria to come and give us our due. And, while God certainly ordained those occurrences and used them for His purposes, I don’t believe He expected the Israelites to vote for Nebuchadnezzar or Sennacherib.


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