My brother the mom? TIME preaches the moral revolution

From Albert Mohler in The Briefing

Hempel actually surveys the contemporary controversies, considering the transgender movement, looking at issues such as the North Carolina legislation on bathrooms. She describes all of this as a backlash to the inevitable victory of the entire LGBT movement and, in this case, most particularly the “T,” transgender. She then writes,

“Pregnancies like Evan’s—and the many that are likely to follow—will stretch our cultural perceptions of gender norms even further. Americans are just starting to open up to the idea that you may be born into a female body, but believe that you are really a man. But what if you are born into a female body, know you are a man and still want to participate in the traditionally exclusive rite of womanhood? What kind of man are you then?”

She asked the question, and operating out of the biblical worldview we have to respond to her question. She asked, what kind of man are you then? And the answer is, you are not a man. You are simply declaring yourself to be a man, and the society is cooperating in a massive act of self-delusion to declare that a person who can get pregnant and carry a baby to full term and then deliver that baby and nurse that baby is a man. That is a biological impossibility, and this is the inevitable result, however, of a moral revolution that has severed itself from every form of objective truth.

Read the rest at the link.


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