My 2016 Reading List

My goal was to read two books a month, and I surpassed that. I started slowly by only reading one book in January and February (but it was a big one). July was another slow month with just one book read (but another tough read). Every other month I managed at least two books (August), and most months three (March, April, May, June, September, October, and November). And I was able to finish off the year strong by reading four books in December.
There were a few trends I notice looking back over the list. Most of my reading was non-fiction and will probably continue to be. I’m just not as interested in fiction as I used to be, though I am planning to read through quite a few classics over the next several years as I homeschool my son. I finished my first big classic this year, The Karamazov Brothers, and really enjoyed the experience. I think I may tackle Tolstoy this upcoming year. I also plan on reading a lot more C.S. Lewis and Tolkein this year.
I found I gravitate toward thrillers when I need something light to read. Jack Reacher novels seem to be a favorite. As I have most of them on Kindle, this will probably continue.  I also read several books by Douglas Wilson and found I have an affinity for his work. He has a few other titles I’m interested in so this may continue into the new year.
I only read two books about homeschool, which is very low for me over the past several years, and I broke my streak of annual readings of Norms & Nobility. I don’t know how much the former will change in the coming year as I don’t really have any new books of interest on the topic on my radar, but I intend to rectify the latter. Perhaps I will read over Teaching the Trivium again. Aside from Norms & Nobility, it is probably my favorite book on homeschooling.
I wound up with thirty books total for the year, which I am very happy with considering my goal was twenty-four. Seeing as I was able to read three books most months, I think I’m going to make that my goal for next year. Thirty-six seems like a good number to shoot for. Anyway, here is my list from 2016:
Awe – Jan
The Green Ember – March
Heroes Proved – March
Hannah Coulter – April
God & Politics – April
James – May
Die Trying – June
Teaching the Trivium – September
Chosen by God – September
Fidelity – September
Chosen but Free – October
Tripwire – October
The Visitor – October
Stonewall Jackson – November
Rebel Yell – November
God Rest Ye Merry – November
Married for God – December
Then Tweets My Soul – December
A Christmas Carol – December
The Great Divorce – December

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