60% of families will choose board games over ‘unsociable’ video games this Christmas

An old article from the Daily Mail:

Six out of ten families will choose board games over ‘unsociable’ computer games this Christmas, a study has found.

While gadgets, gizmos and games consoles will feature on many wish lists this year, millions of families will still find time to dig out old classics like Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit and Scrabble.

Most of those who will opt for board games said they preferred them because they ‘brought the family together,’ while others cited the fact they are ‘more fun’.

I would really like to believe this, though there are much better games than “the classics” they list as most popular:

“Monopoly emerged as the number one Christmas board game, followed by Trivial Pursuit, Scrabble, Pictionary and Cluedo.”

Rise of Augustus, Forbidden Island, Ticket to Ride, Takenoko, Zooloretto, Hey, That’s My Fish!, Category 5, Jamaica, Snow Tails, and Escape: The Curse of the Temple are all much more fun and engaging. There is a whole world of board games out there that most people don’t know about.


Your Favourite Gaming Moment

A beautiful post about what it means to play board games, why they mean so much to the people who treasure them. It’s about real interaction with the people you love. We’re so caught up in our light speed world with so many different options for entertainment that it is very easy to never really connect with each other. It’s easier to watch a movie or play on our phones, and never really talk to each other. But board games put you face to face with other live humans and give you an excuse to spend a couple of hours telling stories, talking, and just enjoying each other’s company. They invite you to slow down and take a breather. They invite you to remember what is important, the people you love.

If I had to choose my favorite I think it would be sitting at the kitchen table late at night playing Lost Cities with my wife. We had a new baby in the house, we had just decided to homeschool the older boy, and we were freshly self-employed as our sole means of income. It had been difficult to get some time just the two of us with all the changes. But, after putting the kids to bed we would break out this simple card game and play for an hour or so, laughing and just being happy to get a few moments alone together. It completely validated my hobby in my wife’s eyes and I loved watching her enjoy the game.

This was about a year ago. My wife is pregnant again and sitting to game has become uncomfortable for her so we don’t get to play very much lately. But I look forward to a couple months from now, rocking our new daughter to sleep, and then playing a few hands of Lost Cities with my wife again. And, much further in the future, I see us sitting together after the kids have moved, still playing games at our kitchen table. We’ve actually had discussions about gaming in the future, wondering if it will still be a favorite hobby and what our favorite game might be. It makes me smile to think about it.

A lot of the other stories in the comments for this story are amazing so give them a look. And let me know what your favorite gaming moment is below.


An Intro to Board Gaming

My biggest hobby is board gaming, as you can see from my Instagram feed on the left side, though it is often difficult to get new people into them because of a couple of preconceived notions most have about them. The Shut Up & Sit Down crew has made a wonderful video to kind of explain a little bit about the brave new world of board games and why gamers are so taken by them. As my brother will be coming over for a game night this evening, and I was just recently able to get him into the hobby, I thought this post was appropriate.