School Board Scraps Controversial Rule on Religious Homeschooling

From the Fox News Insider:

On “Fox and Friends” Wednesday, Heather Nauert brought us an update on a controversial homeschooling policy in one Virginia town.

The Goochland County School Board has now voted down a new policy that would have forced homeschooled children justify their religious beliefs within 30 days of their 14th birthday.

The board’s vote was in response to a flood of outrage by parents in the area. There is one more vote left to be taken on this issue.

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Virginia parents are outraged over a new policy that demands homeschooled children justify their religious beliefs to a school board within 30 days of their 14th birthday.

The controversial rule passed by the Goochland County School Board states, “Any student who together with his/her parents seeks an exemption from compulsory attendance due to their bona fide religious training or beliefs must submit a written application to the school board, setting forth the reasons for the request.”

Doug Pruiett, a Virginia father who is homeschooling his children under the religious exemption, said on “Fox and Friends” that he was stunned and disgusted when he heard of this new policy.

Pruiett said that he and his wife contacted the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) and the organization began representing them in this case.

The HSLDA says the school board’s policy violates Virginia state law, which allows children undergoing religious training to be taught at home without having to defend their beliefs.

“We’ve been homeschooling our children in Goochland County for over 10 years under the religious exemption,” Pruiett explained. “We were granted a very clear and unconditional approval to homeschool our children, and so when this letter came, it really surprised us.”

According to Pruiett, the letter says that now when homeschooled children turn 14, they must submit a sworn affidavit of their own personal religious beliefs within 30 days. He added that they are also subject to being brought before the board for interrogation regarding their beliefs.

Pruiett said that failure to comply within 30 days could result in a fine and criminal prosecution.

Gallup Poll: Americans Think the Biggest Problem is the Government

Americans have often turned to government to combat other problems they perceive to be bigger. Are things changing?

“For the first time since Gallup has conducted polling, people say that the ‘biggest problem’ in America is ‘the government.’ It topped all other categories, including terrorism.”

When I first heard about the results from this poll I just knew it was that people thought government wasn’t doing the right things. To my surprise,  respondents said it was that it was too large and in the way, cumbersome and inefficient. Perhaps things are turning around after all.

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MSNBC: Falwell Suing Hustler same as Charlie Hebdo Massacare

What! This is liberal dogmatism at its ridiculous extreme. Let’s take this tragedy and use it as a way to smear something we don’t like (Christianity) by trying to conflate it with the cause of the tragedy (Islamic Extremism) even when the two have nothing in common. Two things about his ridiculous comparison:

1) When Falwell sued Hustler it was because Hustler drew a cartoon of him personally. He was suing them on grounds of libel, not religion. The lawsuit was a private tort against the company, not trying to prevent the cartoon, but trying to determine whether the cartoon was legal under libel laws of the time. It had nothing to do with his religion. This comparison is just idiotic.

2) Seriously, what kind of warped reality are you living in when you try to make a court case the same as taking someone’s life? Falwell didn’t like the way he was portrayed so he sued in court. These Muslim extremists didn’t like the way a prophet was portrayed so they shot and killed twelve people! Totally not the same thing, and should not be mentioned together! I can’t believe he so wants to criticize Christianity he uses this comparison to do it. Completely fallacious and, frankly, immoral.

Governor Implies Parents Incapable Of Educating Kids

This is exactly what homeschoolers are going to have to keep fighting against. From RedState:

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper said at a lunch yesterday that individuals can’t educate young people well, if at all, themselves. This will come as a surprise to the thousands of homeschool and school choice families across the state. If you are a homeschool parent, or believe there are educational advantages in pulling your child out from under government’s pervasive bureaucratic control, Hickenlooper’s assertion might offend you.

Despite the success homeschoolers have demonstrated in higher education, many politicians still seem to think parents are incapable of educating their children. HSLDA responded, noting there are “tens of thousands of children in Colorado whose parents educate them quite well at home.” However, this is not a rare opinion, and the fact that people who hold it also hold offices with the power to deny parents their right to educate their own children is very troubling.

The Lies People Believe

From a post by Rachel Maddow:

David Letterman’s monologue last night included some observations that stood out for me:
“This is what happens when we have the midterm elections. The Republicans, of course, have turned against Obama, and the Democrats have also turned against Obama. That’s a lonely, lonely gig being president, ladies and gentlemen.
“Take a look at this: gas under $3 a gallon – under $3 a gallon. Unemployment under 6%, whoever thought? Stock market breaking records every day. No wonder the guy is so unpopular.”
As the saying goes, it’s funny because it’s true.

Seriously? Rachel Maddow is too intelligent to believe this, which makes it a lie. I waded into the comments briefly, but the ignorance was too rampant to make a coherent conversation possible. Anyway, none of these things are due to Obama, nor are they indicative of the job he is doing.

Gas is under $3 a gallon: Because OPEC is purposely pushing down the cost of gas right now. They do not like America’s new source of oil so they are looking eliminate it through price controls. Shale oil is expensive to procure, and anything below $85 a barrel makes it unattractive. OPEC doesn’t like America being energy independent, they do not like the US getting our shale oil and cutting them out of the picture, so they are trying to push oil prices down to the point that shale oil is unattractive.

USAToday – Why OPEC is fine with falling oil prices

Unemployment is under 6%: Because the number is made up. They are pretty much just pulling the number out of thin air at this time. They are not counting the people who have dropped out of the job market and are no longer looking for work at all. It is a complete fiction.

Making 9 Million Jobless “Vanish”: How The Government Manipulates Unemployment Statistics

Obama’s “Doctored” Jobless Rate Masks Danger

Stock market breaking records every day: The stock market is not the economy. In fact, the stock market has often historically run contrary to the economy at large. While the stock market may respond to economic indicators or news, it doesn’t always respond in the manner that makes sense. The economy and the stock market have a lot in common, however the stock market is not the economy and the economy is not the stock market.This makes perfect sense to some people, however others find it confusing and misleading. The economy is a way of defining all we make, buy, sell and consume. The stock market is part of the economy, however its focus is very narrow, confined to securities that represent, for the most part, the largest and most robust companies.

Anyone Who Thinks Stocks Will Go Up If The Economy Grows Should Read This Quote From Warren Buffett

A quote from this article:

Now, to get some historical perspective, let’s look back at the 34 years before this one–and here we are going to see an almost Biblical kind of symmetry, in the sense of lean years and fat years–to observe what happened in the stock market. Take, to begin with, the first 17 years of the period, from the end of 1964 through 1981. Here’s what took place in that interval:

Dec. 31, 1964: 874.12
Dec. 31, 1981: 875.00

Now I’m known as a long-term investor and a patient guy, but that is not my idea of a big move.

And here’s a major and very opposite fact: During that same 17 years, the GDP of the U.S.–that is, the business being done in this country–almost quintupled, rising by 370%. Or, if we look at another measure, the sales of the FORTUNE 500 (a changing mix of companies, of course) more than sextupled. And yet the Dow went exactly nowhere.

The Stock Market Is Not the Economy 

Anyway, stick your head in the sand and believe this kind of garbage if you want to, or you could, you know, do a little research and see it for the falsehood it clearly is. The information is out there and not very difficult to find. As far as why Obama is unpopular, Obama is unpopular because he is a statist and there are a number of people in this country who are starting to see statism for the evil that it is.

Is Next Step in War on Religious Liberty Inspection of Religious Schools? That’s Happening in the UK

Coming soon to a community near you:

You see, teaching about other cultures and other religions is apparently no longer enough–you must fully accept them.  And as we’re seeing with the issue of same-sex marriage in this country, acceptance no longer means live and let live, the “tolerance” police want you to embrace and endorse.

Is religious freedom our most important right?  Without question, promoting and defending it is one of our most important battles.

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